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Doane Stuart School

In a college preparatory context, where the joy of discovery is valued, Doane Stuart emphasizes serious study, educates to social responsibility, and lays the foundation for a strong faith.

Why Doane Stuart?

Doane Stuart is more than a school. We are a learning community with a common goal to provide a rigorous, academic experience for every student in an environment that nurtures, challenges and inspires.

Our curriculum lays the foundation for long-term academic success and life-long learning. In addition to skills and fundamentals, we emphasize the critical thinking and creativity that will serve our students well both within and beyond the schoolhouse.

Doane Stuart is small by design, with a student-faculty ratio of 8 to 1. Students and families benefit enormously from individual attention and differentiated learning from Early Childhood to and through the college application process.

Our commitment to service and social responsibility is an important part of our ethos. Our students are aware of the needs of the others and take action to address them. Every year, Doane Stuart students perform over 5,000 hours of community service bolstered by researching and understanding the root causes of poverty and disadvantage.

The coeducational and interfaith community we have structured at Doane Stuart prepares students to take their place in an increasingly diverse world. Our students grow and learn in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Our dedicated and passionate teachers are committed to excellence, inquiry and, above all, to our students. Our faculty is highly skilled and innovative in their ability to engage students and to motivate them to follow their own passions and to excel.

Our 24-acre campus in Rensselaer overlooks the Hudson River and has space for athletics and other outdoor activities. Our historic building pays tribute to the past and embraces the future.  The original art-deco-style wing was built in 1930-31 and includes a new science lab.  The 1995 addition is topped off by our new green roof.  Today’s technology, including wireless access, is integrated throughout the building. 

Doane Stuart’s summer program, SCAMP!
June 11 – August 17, 2018
(Five 2-week sessions) 

SCAMP = learning in our new “STEAM* Junior” room, plus Reading, Music, Dance, Drama & outdoor fun! (*Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

Several different Done Stuart teachers will orchestrate our program to include the traditional 3Rs as well as art, music, drama and more—all designed to be fun! Children have use of the whole building (including the computer rooms) and the outdoor playgrounds. We’ll rig a big sprinkler and Slip ‘n Slide for hot days.

A special offering this summer is STEAM: Science, Engineering, Art, Technology, and Math. All students will learn to code our Codapillar and Dash and Dot and do Lego robotics; iPads and an unusually great teacher drive this part of our program. Students will use SCRATCH and other cool programs and Apps to carry out challenges and complete various projects. We expect the older students (6-8) to be in the STEAM room every day and the younger ones (3-5) several times per week. 

SCAMP is designed for working parents; the day starts at 7:30 am with students being read to the start of the day’s activities.  The core of the program runs from 9-3 and the activities continue to 5:30 pm.  Several Doane Stuart graduates and older students will join our changing roster of teachers to aid in activities and to play with the kids.

REGISTER NOW or contact us with any questions at or call (518) 465-5222.

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