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Exclusive Interview with a North Pole Elf!

Thanks to the folks at ELF The Broadway Musical, we were able to obtain an exclusive interview with Holly the Elf, a Toymaker at the North Pole. Ever wondered what life at the North Pole is really like? Then read on!

Is Santa always jolly?

The big guy is ALWAYS happy and jolly. There’s that one day every month when he adds names to the naughty list, but if you stay out of his hair until he’s done, then you’re fine. Besides, he loves moving names to the nice list, so that always makes him happy!

What are Santa's favorite cookies?

How could anybody pick a favorite cookie? His favorites are the homemade cookies that boys and girls leave for him all over the world. He likes sugar, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, and cookies decorated with icing and sprinkles too! As long as the cookie is sweet, Santa loves it!

Do the elves get time off from making toys? If so, what do they do for fun?

Why would ANYONE want time off from making toys? It’s the most super-fun thing there is! But sometimes, when we’re waiting for more supplies, we’ll go ice skating, or bake sugar plums, or make snow angels, or eat cookie dough.

Do you have any tips for last-minute gifts? Like, if I forgot to get my Mom something?

Well, if your mom were an Elf, I’d say give her a big huge jar of maple syrup—or some spaghetti. But if she’s not an Elf, then most moms usually like something you make her—like a frame or a drawing. Or you could give her a book of gift certificates for things like making dinner or picking up the house—so she can have a break and put her feet up with some cookies!

Do you have any tips for wrapping those last-minute gifts?

Well, it took us a while to get used to them, but those gift bags can be a lifesaver when you don’t have time to wrap. Remember, it’s not about the wrapping; it’s about the thought that went into the gift that counts!




Interview by Katie Beltramo. Special thanks to the folks at Proctors. For more information on ELF The Broadway Musical, click here.

Photograph by Doug Blemker and provided by Proctors. This photograph portrays the fictional Santa (Mark Fishback) and Buddy (Daniel Patrick Smith) in Elf The Musical. The actual Holly the Elf and Santa were too busy making toys to pose for a photograph at this time.