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CAST Summer Sessions

Each week CAST produces a show that is staged on Friday – Script-in-Hand. On Monday everyone auditions. We rehearse each day working on character development, blocking, use of props; we add sets, lighting, and sound. On Friday afternoon we perform it.

June 25-29
Afternoon at the Seaside
An Agatha Christie Murder Mystery
A whimsical day by the sea in a British resort. An emerald necklace has been stolen and the Inspector has to investigate an extraordinary mix of characters and find the culprit who stole it.



July 9 to 13

Act, Sing, Dance!
Work with professional Actors, Singers, and Choreographers throughout the week. Students work together to create scenes, learn songs and choreography. On Friday everyone performs in the end-of-week showcase.


July 16 to 20
Wanda the Psychic Wombat
Wanda is the last psychic wombat on Earth and is struggling to run her fortune-telling business. She considers selling her shop to some shady-looking businesspeople, but a mysterious wombat helps her discover that things aren’t always as they seem and with a little help from her friends, she just may be able to change what’s in the cards.

July 23 to 27
The Odyssey
The Odyssey is a story not only of Odysseus’ journey home from the Trojan War but of his son Telemachus’ path to find out who he truly is. As Odysseus encounters the one-eyed Cyclops, Telemachus struggles to keep their home safe from greedy suitors. As Odysseus battles raging seas and the sly Circe, Telemachus himself sets sail to find his father. And on their parallel journeys, Odysseus and Telemachus encounter monsters and seas so treacherous that they are challenged to their limits.

July 30 to Aug. 3
Furry Tails with a Twist.
Our actors accidentally scramble beloved fairy tales and perform “Goldilocks and the Three Wolves,” “The Three Billy Trolls Gruff” and “The Three Little Bears.

Aug. 6 to 10
Murder, Mayhem and the Macabre are the main ingredients of this new version It catches the essence of Mary Shelley’s classic and builds to a climax with an unexpected twist.

On the surface, the ill-fated creature is to blame for the chain of grisly deaths, while Victor Frankenstein and Henry Clerval are old, dear friends. Victor Frankenstein is a man so deeply entangled with his scientific discoveries that he is blind to the manipulations of his best friend. Henry Clerval – a madman!

Aug. 13 to 17
Babes in Gangland or The Godmother
This melodramatic farce picks up on gangster films and fashions and makes scrambled eggs out of it all. Marked by puns, double entendres, asides to the audience, and other absurdities, is a comic tour de force.

What is a tough Chicago gangster doing under a bed in a cheap motel in the middle of nowhere? What is the mysterious connection between mobster boss Victor Antula and his dreaded rival Sal Monella, “Czar of South Dakota. For the answers to these and other trivial but hilarious questions, head for “The Heat Is On” cabin camp, where Mrs. DePoint will make you very comfortable indeed.

Aug. 20 to 24
A Comedy of Errors
Shakespeare’s play about twins, both named Antipholus, who have twin servants, both named Dromio. After a shipwreck, the twins are separated and twenty years later they all arrive in the same city, with hilarious confusion.


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