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Children's Peace Week

From August 13-17, 2018, a Children's Peace Week will be held at the Albany Friends Meetinghouse, 727 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY. The hours will be 8:30 to 12:30, with the individual option of staying until 1:30 if needed. All children entering grades two through eight are invited to attend. They are welcome to come and explore pathways to peace and peace-making, through non-competitive games, cooperative activities, arts and crafts, music, dance and interactive presentations. There will be daily trips to the park, an extended day for making and delivering food for needy families, scavenger hunts, and a final day of celebration that includes skits, making ice cream sundaes for each other, and family fun. The children will experience both small group activities and those designed for the entire gathering of about 30 participants. Kids will explore and discover their ability to experience peace as individuals, family members, neighbors, and citizens of a global community. Cost is $50 per child, with scholarships available on the basis of need and for families with several children attending. There will be no other charges. No child will be turned away for inability to provide payment, and kids with differing abilities are welcome. All children attending are expected to be independent in toileting and able to participate in small groups with assistance. Snacks will be provided, and children who are staying until 1:30 will be asked to bring their nut-free lunch. An orientation will be held for families and caregivers prior to the start of Peace Week, when the curriculum, daily activities, and policies will be explained. There will be opportunities to meet and get to know the staff at that time. To enroll your child, please visit our website at, or call/text Anita Stanley at 518-441-7722. You can also send a message to her at to receive an application. Please visit us on Facebook also!