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April Break STEM Workshops at miSci




15 Nott Terrace Heights
Schenectady, NY, 12308
United States


518 382 7890
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9am - 12pm and/or 1-4 pm
$25, 10% discount for members


4-5 years 6-8 years 9-12 years
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Hands-on STEM fun! AM/PM workshops for students in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 $25/per student/class - 10% discount for members! Seats are limited, Register Today! 518-382-7890


Friday, April 14th: It IS Rocket Science! 

Blast Off with Rockets:  9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / K-2nd
Create and launch rockets with pressurized air and chemical reactions. FULL

Rocketry Workshop: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / 3rd-5th
Discover how rockets are launched. Create and launch rockets with pressurized air and chemical reactions. register>>

Monday, April 17th: Superpowered Science!

Superb Superhero: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / K-2nd
Be a science superhero! Experiment with the mysterious power of light, chemical reactions, and flying forces. Design your own superhero toy. CALL TO REGISTER

Mystery Solvers: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / K-2nd
Become a crime solver! Learn about fingerprint patterns. Inspect a mysterious substance, experiment with chromatography, use a microscope, and crack a code. CALL TO REGISTER

CSI Crime Lab: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / 3rd-5th
Use your detective skills to solve a crime! Investigate the technology of forensic science with fingerprinting, chromatography, DNA, and code breaking. CALL TO REGISTER

The Science of Superheroes: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / 3rd-5th
Explore the science behind superhero powers. Delve into aerodynamics, forces, and energy. Invent your own superhero and make your own comic book. register>>

Tuesday, April 18th: To Infinity and Beyond!

Our Friend the Moon: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning K-2nd
Use your senses to explore our nearest astronomical neighbor—the moon! Learn about the geographical features of the moon. Play with simulated lunar soil and rocks to explore what it’s like to be an astronaut visiting the moon. FULL

Space Academy: Cosmic Kids ($35): 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / K-2nd
Play the role of a NASA Astronaut on a highly-specialized crew and design an experiment to understand your space mission. Next, travel aboard the International Space Station to a Space Craft and conduct scientific experiments. FULL

Space Academy: Exploration Station: ($35): 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / 3rd-5th
Imagine you are a science team working to launch a probe into a comet! Join an elite crew of engineers and astronauts who conduct a variety of experiments, and discover how NASA personnel must work together to succeed in their space missions. CALL TO REGISTER

Solar Explorer1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / 3rd-5th
Learn about our sun, what it’s made of, and how it moves across the daytime sky. Safely observe the sun through a telescope (if the weather permits), and made your own model of the sun- solar flares and sunspots included. register>>

Wednesday, April 19th: Shockingly Good Science!

The Wonders of Magnets: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / K-2nd
Understand how magnets work. Experiment with magnetic force. CALL TO REGISTER

Easy Electricity: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / K-2nd
Enjoy this hair-raising workshop and discover the power of electricity! Connect circuits to light up a bulb, and make a motor turn. Experiment with static electricity. register>>

Magnets: What’s the Attraction:  9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / 3rd-5th
What makes magnets attract? Explore the mysterious forces of magnets. register>>

Circuit Connection: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / 3rd-5th
You’ll be shocked to learn how electricity and circuits are connected. Experiment with circuits, lights, sounds, and motors. Learn the difference between a series and a parallel circuit. register>>

Thursday, April 20th: Astronomy, Airwaves, and AI...Oh My! 

Robots!: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / K-2nd
What is a robot? Compare robots in science fiction movies, cartoons, and in the real science world. Experiment with robot hands, and build your own simple motorized robot. FULL

Gizmos and Gadgets: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / K-2nd
Create unique science contraptions that fly, spin, and bounce. Investigate the movement and engineering behind toys and gadgets. Make your own catapult to take home. FULL

Radio Communications: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / 3rd-5th
Learn about how radio waves are used to talk to people far away. Build your own crystal radio. CALL TO REGISTER

Radio Astronomy: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / 3rd-5th
Learn how astronomers use radio waves to “see” things in our universe that are not visible to human eyes. Create a paper radio telescope. 

Friday, April 21st: Water and Out-of-this-World Wonders!

Bubbleology: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / K-2nd
Create art with bubbles and learn how to make huge bubbles. Discover why bubbles are rainbow-colored. CALL TO REGISTER

Wonders of Water: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / K-2nd
Complete amazing experiments with water and discover its importance in the human body and on Earth. register>>

Scaling Our Solar System: 9 AM - 12 PM / Morning / 3rd-5th
Explore the size and distance between objects in the solar system and create a solar system that fits in your pocket. register>>

Supernova!: 1 PM - 4 PM / Afternoon / 3rd-5th
The biggest stars in the galaxy end their lives as supernova explosions! Learn about how the largest stars die in supernova explosions and which stars will explode next. Make a pulsar to take home. register>>